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Writing an essay, assignment or research paper can be a real struggle, but you don't have to do it alone.

Essay Friend provides help with assignments and essay writing for students in as little as 36 hours and from just $35. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers aim to assist students in the development of their writing skills, whilst also improving their grades.

During the essay editing process our teachers fix problems in your essay or assignment such as language use, grammar, punctuation, coherence and cohesion, essay structure and referencing. We can also check that you’re adhering to academic writing conventions and avoiding plagiarism. Our teachers then offer one-to-one feedback during an online tutoring session on how to further improve your essay and writing skills.

Your grades will improve and so will your writing – each and every time!

Essay Friend editing + online teaching packages from $35

Proofreading packages from $25

Resumes & Cover Letters $49

Online Sessions 20 mins for $10

Step 1:

We edit your essay or piece of writing (finished or unfinished).

Step 2:

We show you exactly how to improve your writing in a one-to-one online session.

Step 3:

You receive your edited essay plus all your teacher's notes and feedback.

We're teachers who can work with you to make your essay better, while teaching you skills and techniques you can use in the future.

We also offer a quick proofreading service for students looking for an even faster and cheaper option. From just $25 we can proofread your essay or assignment in as little as 24 hours and correct mistakes in areas such as grammar, punctuation, language use and referencing. While not quite as comprehensive as our regular packages, proofreading can deliver a clearer and stronger essay that will maximise your marks.

Essay Friend also offers one-to-one online sessions without essay editing for just $10 for 20 minutes. We can help you with tasks such as analysing your assignment or essay question for keywords and meaning, clarifying grammatical or expression-related questions or proofreading small amounts of text (eg 1-2 paragraphs) on the spot.

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